Children’s Home

Rhotia Valley Children’s Home is our safe and caring home for orphans from the local community. We help children who do not have a family build their future – a promising future! Moreover, we create jobs for the local community.

Life in Rhotia Valley Children’s Home.

For all the children, living in Rhotia Valley Children’s Home means a new start in life.

Now clean water, three meals a day, clothes and a safe place to sleep – the proper care they need so much – is guaranteed. They can go to school every day and grow up in a safe environment.

Of course it took some time to get used to their new home, but the children easily intermingled, made friends and now occupy the three houses as if they are three big families.

A day at Rhotia Valley Children’s Home starts with a good breakfast and then with the Zebra Children School Bus they go to school. After school the children play soccer, games or do arts and crafts with the volunteers and our guests.

Our children.

So far, the Children’s Home has hosted almost 40 children.
Beatrice, Gasper, Malkior, Emmanueli, Innocent, Domisiani, Airine, Emiliana,
Joyce, Ebroni, Daniel, Lazaro,John, Rozina, Pendaeli, Wilhelmina, Augustino,
Mkiwa, Rosemary, Stephano, Marietta, Christina, Maria, Theresia, Innocent,
Akwelini, Fitdness, Karani, Jovitha, Emanuel, Magritha, Eliza-beth, Silvia,
Godwin, Asha, Jasmina, Mary, Yustine –our thirty-eight wonderful children!

What you can do to change the life of these children