Our food

From moo to you

The Farm

We believe eating locally is not only good for our environment, it’s doubtless the most delicious way to eat.

Through the years thanks to the donations and the hard work of volunteers we have been able to create two herb & vegetables gardens, to purchase livestock for the farm.

Our menu features many things picked right from our garden.

Thanks to Salamia, Kimbiakimbia, Mpole, Ana and Jumapili we are proud and happy to offer you fresh and homemade Products.

The Bakery

Even the bread is homede!
Everyday the Bakery provides the bread to the Lodge, the Children’s Home and to the schools. The bread is also sold to the local shops and the local institutions. All profits directly support the Children’s Home and the whole project.

Guests are welcomed to visit our farm and bakery!
Thanks to many guest’s tips and suggestions we are improving everyday!

The Coffee Corner

The best chilling spot next Karatu!
The Coffee Corner is one of the latest projects realized by The Rhotia Valley Foundation.

The center provides a practical traineeship for young students enrolled at the Karatu Hotel Management School preparing them for a job in tourism.

This serves both the needs of tourists looking for a quick stopover between Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater as well as providing an intense learning experience for six students.

Every day nice Coffee & Cappuccino, Smoothies, Salad, Snacks, Hot dishes and much more are served! Also lunch boxes are prepared.

Relax and spend your coffee break enjoying the splendid view from our terrace!
We offer free Wi-Fi!