the project

The story of Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge & Children’s Home history began in 2005, when two Dutch doctors were invited to a seminar in Tanzania.

Joris & Marise, moved by the experience, decided to organize other seminars and, more in general, to help the community.

Hence, they started searching for a venue that could accommodate doctors and seminars.

Marise went back to Tanzania and started looking for land, she visited many villages and she remained impressed by the great number of children in the streets, without parents and with no one to take care of them.
That’s how Marise and Joris decided to build a venue for the seminars and a children’s home as well.

Having no experience with orphans, the couple decided to do research and visited several orphanages both in Europe and in Africa, one thing was quite clear: they shouldn’t be dependent on donations from third parties.

The desire and the need to be fully self-sustainable led to the idea of “two hills, one goal”. The lodge would host doctors and tourists, using the profits to support the expenses of the children’s home.

In 2007, Joris and Marise created the Rhotia Valley Foundation in the Netherlands seeking financial backers for the price of the land and the construction of the lodge. Still today, the Foundation is only meant to collect donations for major investments such as the new borehole and the new pre primary school.

With self-sustainability always in mind, the two doctors decided to embed the project completely in the community of Rhotia, with the aim to support the people –especially the children – of the Rhotia area – in a such way to make the entire village part of the project.

This is how we try to make you feel when you are a guest at Rhotia.


the milestones

Discover the story and the milestones of Rhotia Valley Foundation. Every year we try to achieve some goals in the 4 following development areas: Children (C), Projects (P), Sustainability & Community (S&C), Housing & Constructions (H&C)


Land Purchase! – Housing & Constructions


2007 BUILDING UP CHILDRENS HOME Construction of the Children’s Home: 3 houses, 1 office, 1 kitchen, 1 big class room for welcoming 36 children. – Children


2008-OFFICIAL-OPENING-CH-HOMEOfficial opening of the Children’s Home –  Housing & Constructions

A grader for a soccer field – Housing & Constructions

2008 road renovation rivercrossingRenovation of Rothia Road – Sustainability & Community

2008 GRADER FOR SOCCER FIELDNew solar panels for the classroom & the three children’s houses – Sustainability & Community


2009-100-OLPC-E-LEARNING-LAPTOPS-AT-THE-MARERA-SCHOOLWe have been able to purchase Lego, mountain bikes, puzzles, reading books and 100 OLPC e-learning laptops – Children
2009-WORKING-IN-THE-VEGGIES-GARDENConstruction of the 2x 50.000 I water tank and the pump – Sustainability & Community

Development of a new vegetable garden and chicken coop – Sustainability & Community


2010 KITCHENPurchase of hot water boilers at the children’s home kitchen – Sustainability & Community

Cows join the Rhotia Valley Family! The children can enjoy fresh milk every morning! – Sustainability & Community


2011 CO MANAGEMENT MARERA SCHOOL - RHOTIA VALLEYAn official Contract between Rothia Valley and the Tanzania Government is signed for the co-management of Marera Primary School – Projects
2011 WATER !!A new water project is started: renovation of the water pipes and construction of the break pressure tank from the Ngorongoro Crater Rim – Sustainability & Community
2011-BAKERYThe official opening of the new bakery! The turnover will be used  for the secondary school education and the Children’s Home – Projects


2012-BUILDING-THE-BIOGAS-FROM-COWDUNGThe construction of the 1st Bio-gas tank from cow dung – Sustainability & Community


2013-BREAKFAST-AT-THE-MARERA-SCHOOL-BY-RVThe opening of the Marera Pre Primary School, fully supported by Rothia Valley Foundation. Now 100 children between 5 and 7 years old can go to school! – Projects

This year we provided all schoolbooks for Umoja Primary School and Marera Primary School students – Children

We bought a school bus for our Secondary school kids – Children
2013-other-cowsWe bought 4 extra acres for the growing number of cows – 14 at this moment – Housing & Constructions

A new fertilizer tank and recycle system was built.- Sustainability & Community


2014 WITH WHOLE STAFF TO PANGANI BEACH We made a trip with whole staff to Pangani! – Projects

2014-PLAYGROUNG-PRE-PRIMARY-SCHOOL-MARERA We realised 400 new school desk, a new laptop room and a playground for the Marera Primary School – Children
We renovated the kitchen and the houses at the Children’s Home – Housing & Constructions


Eight children finished their studies and found work! 2 tailors, 2 bakers, 1 storekeeper, 1 waiter, 1 waitress, 1 chef – Children

2014 NEW SCHOOL DESKSConstruction of the 2nd Biogas – human waste – tank was begun – Sustainability & Community


2015-BOREHOLEWe bought a new school bus for the kids!  – ChildrenWe were able to purchase the yearly school uniforms for all our children and pay the school fees of the Private Tumaine Primary School – Children
We started a new training project: construction and opening of the Coffee Corner restaurant at the main road! – Projects
2015 COFFEE CORNER TRAINING CENTERWe found water! We built the pump house, an 80.000 liter tank, a 2.000 – meter pipeline uphill to the children’s home – Sustainability & Community


2016 HOUSE 18+We started a new educational project: arrangement and organization of a Small Business School in House 18+ –  Projects

We renovated our vegetable garden renovation: we built a new Green House, started the implementation of the irrigation system and construction of the fence with beehives to prevent elephants from coming in – Sustainability & Community